ECSO-CMS 2024 will take place in the Kista Nod building, which is part of the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences of Stockholm University. The Nod building is located in an area north of central Stockholm, Kista, which is Sweden’s largest IT district, where many technology-related companies and educational institutions are located. The conference will start at 8:00 on July 4, 2024 and end at 18:30 on July 5, 2024 with the EWGSO General Assembly.

Borgarfjordsfgatan 12
164 55 Kista



Stockholm has plenty of hotels both in the city center and in Kista where the venue is located. Several hotels are within walking distance of the conference venue.

Here are some recommendations in the Kista area:

  • Comfort Hotel Kista (Isafjordsgatan 21): Next to the Kista Galleria shopping mall and a 7-minute walk from the department. Approximately SEK 900/night.
  • Memory Hotel (Borgarfjordsgatan 3): Next to the department and conference venue. Approximately SEK 900/night.
  • Scandic Kista Hotel (Färögatan 9): Next to the Kista Galleria shopping mall and a 9-minute walk from the department. Approximately SEK 1100/night.
  • Scandic Victoria Tower (Arne Beurlings Torg 3): Highrise with views of the Stockholm region and a 14-minute walk from the department. Approximately SEK 1100/night.

Here are some recommendations in Stockholm’s city center:

  • Hotel Diplomat (Strandvägen 7C): Properly posh. You can spend your surplus funds here if you want to splash out. Approximately SEK 3250/night.
  • Hotel Esplandade (Strandvägen 7A): In the same fancy neighborhood as the Diplomat, but the hotel has character. Think some eccentric uncle’s mansion. Approximately SEK 2000/night.
  • Hotel Hellsten (Luntmakargatan 68): Close to Stockholm Central Station with lots of food options. Plus, it has jazz on Thursday nights. Approximately SEK 1000/night.
  • Scandic Anglais (Humlegårdsgatan 23): Still central but slightly fancier. It is located next to a park and has lots of food options nearby. Approximately SEK 1200/night.

Travel Information

To Stockholm

Flights: Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden, has two main airports (Arlanda/Bromma). Most international flights use Arlanda airport. Most European cities have direct flights to Arlanda airport.

Train: It is also possible to travel to Stockholm by train from Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo), and two German cities (Berlin/Hamburg). It takes about 6 hours from Copenhagen (approximately €200 round trip), 5 hours from Oslo (approximately €150 round trip), 17 hours from Berlin (approximately €400 round trip with a sleeping berth), and 14 hours from Hamburg (approximately €400 round trip with a sleeping berth). Please find more information on the SJ Website.

From Arlanda airport to the conference venue (Kista)/city center

Airport bus: Kista is conveniently accessible from Arlanda airport. An hourly airport bus will take you to the Kista metro station in less than 30 minutes for SEK 149 one way. From there, you can walk to the conference venue (Nod building) in less than 10 minutes. A bus to the city center is also available, which takes 50 minutes and costs SEK 129 one way.

Express train: Arlanda Express offers a rapid train service, which takes 18 minutes to the Stockholm Central Station and costs SEK 320 one way (SEK 600 round trip).

Taxi: Stockholm has a fixed price for a taxi ride from the airport, which costs approximately SEK 580 to the conference venue and SEK 720 to Stockholm (depending on the area). Be careful to choose the right taxi, which usually has a queue at the airport. It is also recommended to book in advance. Private taxis may charge more.

From Stockholm city center to the conference venue (Kista)

Metro: If you stay in the city center, then you can travel to Kista with the blue metro line number 11 in the direction of Akalla. The estimated travel time from T-Centralen (Stockholm’s main station) to the Kista metro station is 17 minutes. A daily transit pass costs SEK 165 and can include access to Arlanda airport for an additional fee of SEK 171. Alternatively, each single trip costs SEK 39 and can be paid for by tapping your credit/debit card at the turnstile. Please see the SL Website for details. Upon arrival at the Kista metro station, walk out through the north ticket hall, in the train’s direction of travel if you arrive from Stockholm and turn right after the escalator. Pass straight through Kista Galleria, pass over the footbridge, keep left, pass the Forum building, pass over the footbridge, and turn right to the Nod building. Please also refer to the information on the Stockholm University Website.